International Affairs Centre

IAC Members and Responsibilities


Name Contact Information Responsibilities
Assistant Professor Dr. Pornpisanu Promsivapallop, Ph.D. Tel. +66-76-276521
Assistant President for Academic Affairs, Phuket Campus
 Ms. Pichyada Jeokwon (Pure)  Tel. +66-76-276524
 Acting Head, International Affairs Centre, Work permits, Thai tax
Position Vacant Position Vacant Visa letter requests and renewal, immigration affairs
Mr. Chawanan Chupeng (Toh)


Tel. +66-76-276096
Office administration, IAC webmaster, information update, student activities, Scholarships
Ms. Sukhuma Ketsuwan (Syn) Tel. +66-76-276097
International guest relations, TICA Scholarship, PSU-YNU International Branch Officer


Mr. Nitiphoom Waitira (Joe)


Tel. +66-76-276096
Accounting and finance, international dormitory coordinator
 Ms. Milla Budiarto (Milla)

Tel. +66-76-276751

 International Affairs Officer, English Instructor, Editor


Since the establishment of the Phuket Campus of Prince of Songkla University with one of its primary aims at making this campus being international, no office had been set up to deal directly with its international affairs task. Work related to international staff and students was affiliated with the campus Central Affairs Office. Later in the year 2008, the International Affairs Centre (IAC) was set up. Since then, the work related to international affairs has been gradually developed.

To help the campus achieve its aim of making this campus international, the IAC, as a campus instrument, views its vital roles not only as facilitating life and work of the campus’s€™ international members, smoothing and upgrading intercultural communication and understanding between its local and international members, but also in promoting and upgrading teaching, studying and research. For this latter academic aspect, the IAC endeavors to facilitate all campus faculties in their coordination, and support cooperation with various institutions and organizations outside Thailand. The IAC assists in coordinating requests for training from abroad, for overseas scholarships, and making arrangements for visitors as well as the overseas visits of campus members. In addition, it drafts and provides advisory services for Memoranda of Understanding that form the basis of collaborative activities of the campus.


To be the campus center, best understand and satisfy the international community, making the campus global, yet maintaining invaluable Thai identity.


  • Work according to business and hospitality standards
  • Encourage intercultural communication/activities between local and international members
  • Make intercultural activities of the campus known nationally and internationally
  • Manage and disseminate information effectively
  • Cooperate with all campus units to encourage their international work

The International Affairs Centre (IAC) supports the university’€™s primary aim at making the campus international. Its missions include:

1. International Programs & Collaboration
a – Promoting international collaboration with universities, education institutes and national and international projects
b – Drafting memorandum of understanding with universities, education institutes, and national and international projects

2. Protocol
a – Contract signing
b – Responsible for arranging international conferences and seminars
c – Receiving foreign guests including planning & logistics, organizing projects, providing meeting rooms & staff accommodations, photography, recording meeting notes and providing all facilities arrangements.
d – Responsible for preparation of international visits of the campus delegation
e – Providing advice to administrators, faculty members, students and campus personnel for overseas travel

3. Service for International Academics
a – Overseeing study of Thai staff, students and other personnel on campus
b – Overseeing international staff and students including full-time students & students under special programs

4. Service for On-campus International Members
a – Responsible for pre-work/study, during work/study and termination of work/study programs
b – Communicating information, news, events, cultural understanding to campus international members and beyond by means of websites, social networking, announcement boards and e-mails

5. Encouraging people of different cultures to acquire knowledge, understanding and mutual goodwill
a – Sharing knowledge of Thai culture, Thai ways of life in English and disseminating them to international members and students, and to the general public
b – Sharing knowledge of international culture and international ways of life in English and disseminating this knowledge to Thai students and personnel, and also to the general public
c – Organizing international cultural events on campus
d – Stimulating Corporate Social Responsibility giving opportunities for staff, students, Thai public, and international members to interact with Thai and other international communities
e – Opening communication channels to international staff and students to solve unexpected problems, and to improve and develop work of the IAC based on information obtained from international students and staff upon their first arrival, during teaching and studying, and when they completed their work/study.

6. Personnel development
a – Conducting projects to facilitate English self-improvement for support staff on campus
b – Organizing on campus cultural activities for staff and students of the campus to improve cultural understanding
c – Training Thai and international students through volunteer work to promote awareness and understanding of intercultural communication